My name is OJO, it’s nice to meet you! For over three years, some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence have been building me. I'm ready to be your assistant for all things real estate.

Does 517 Maple have a private backyard?
Let me check on that.
Yes, it has 4 large oak trees for privacy and shade around the back patio.

For Consumers

What am I?

I’m a powerful AI assistant with the most personalized approach to real estate ever created. I use sophisticated learning engines to combine meaningful data, knowledge from local experts and what matters most to you.

  • Be anonymous until you’re ready.
  • Ask any real estate question any time.
  • Get real time valuable insights that keep you
    ahead of the market.

My capabilities and knowledge increase with every single interaction.
Here are just a few of my cool superpowers:

Put me to work!

Whether it's hidden deep in a real estate database, on a website, in the mind of a homeowner, or only known by a REALTOR®, I do all the work of getting you the most accurate info as quickly as possible.

Custom area searches

You don’t think in zip codes, nor do I! By learning your routines, lifestyle preferences and locations you care most about, I create custom search areas and deliver properties that match your needs.

Homes that match your style

By utilizing image recognition software and your love for photos, I quickly learn what you like and don’t like about homes. Love modern homes and open kitchens? I look through millions of photographs in seconds to find you homes that match your personality and style.

Working for you 24/7, on your terms

As I learn about your unique preferences, I proactively scour for market insights and properties that will be of interest to you. You are always in control - just share how frequently you'd like me to reach out.

For Agents

I help you scale

As your powerful, hard working machine-based assistant, I help your business grow without the need to increase overhead or learn a new software product.

What I offer you

I create more

I communicate and nurture your clients anytime they want information on your behalf. I keep them connected to you and personalize the experience along the way.

I make you the hero

I share the most important highlights about their needs, wants and preferences so you have the continuous intelligence and look like the hero you are when they need your expertise.

I help you focus

I can save you time following up on client questions, new properties and more. I keep them engaged and help identify which prospects are getting closer to the buying stage and connect them with you.

Your prospective clients know how to text.

(That means they already know how to talk to me)

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